Catholic and Christian

I am a Catholic Christian counselor. I am a Christian counselor because I love and know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray daily and read scripture daily.  I meditate on the word of God to grow in my personal life and to help the clients that work through my door.  I am a Catholic Christian counselor because I believe in the power to the sacraments to help us heal, forgive, gain strength and courage to live my Catholic Christian faith and belief in the power of the Lord.

As a catholic the Eucharist gives me power, strength and courage to walk on my journey of faith. The Mass enables me to meditate on the scripture and the power of the Lord and receive the Lord in His body and blood to gain strength for the journey of my life.  The power of reconciliation enables me to meet my Lord and savior through the priest and speak the ways in which I am sorry for my sins.  I then receive the forgiveness of the Lord through the sacrament of reconciliation and penance.  I receive the power of the sacrament of matrimony when I was married and call upon the grace of that sacrament to love my spouse, to love my children, and to build a family of love and pass on my faith.   These sacraments are a gift of the church that gives all of us the strength to live well.  The rosary is another example of the wonderful teachings of our faith.  The rosary is a beautiful wonderful powerful tool given to us to help us live our life well.  The question I ask myself is, “Do I utilize the fullness of the church to my advantage?”  In all honesty the answer is that I do not.  I fall short of taking advantage of the fullness of the church.  What steps can I take to grow in my faith and receive the fullness of the church?  Complete the sentence…In order to grow in my faith I will ______________every day and at least once per week I will_____________.  My completed sentence needs to be answered like this: In order to grow in my faith I will read scripture every day and at least once per week I will go to daily mass.

We are blessed. We only have to open the door to the beauty of our Catholic faith and receive.  Once we receive we are then equipped to give to others.  The truth is; we need to take time to nurture ourselves through our faith to receive the fullness and love of God.  Once we are nurtured we can then go out and take time to help feed others through our services in the church, through the love we give to our family members and our neighbors.

Many blessings sent your way!



Spiritual Counseling

What is spiritual counseling?  Depending on the provider of spiritual counseling you will receive various definitions.  At Compassionate Counseling Services I provide spiritual counseling to clients that desire it. Spiritual counseling addresses the client’s unique perspective of the divine and integrates that belief system into the treatment plan.  The integration of spiritual treatment may include praying with the client, leading the client in healing prayer, discussing practical steps to grow closer to the divine (defined by the client).

My personal belief systems originate from Catholicism.  My Catholic Christian belief is a foundation of my life and serves as a guide to the meaning and purpose of my life. I pray for each and every client during my daily prayer time.

I do not discriminate on the client’s belief system if it does not match mine.  I meet the client where he/she is at.  Depending on the needs of the client or wishes I may or may not integrate spiritual principals into the counseling session.  This decision is approached at the initial intake or first counseling session.  I discuss with each client if they are spiritual or religious and what that means to them.  If this is important to them I will include discussions for integration of spiritual matters into the counseling session. If spiritual or religion plays no part in the client life, then spiritual aspects of treatment are not integrated.

The most important part of the session for me as a professional counselor involves respecting the client’s belief system and integrating that into the treatment plan. I walk on a journey with each and every client, present to them in their pain, sufferings and hope for change.